'DIVE!!' Episode 7 Spoilers: More Complications Await MDC as Tomoki Deals With Regret Over 4th Place Finish

DIVE!! Official SiteA screenshot of Ryo Ohiro from the next episode of the Japanese sports anime series, “DIVE!!”

The preliminary round is over and Tomoki's fourth ranking finish has caused him some deep resentment that's about to drive him to strive for first place on the next episode of the Japanese sports anime series, "DIVE!!"

When Tomoki went home to find out that his younger brother has just stolen his girlfriend, Miu, he thought he would never get over that kind of pain. He missed two weeks of practice, thereby forcing Coach Asaki to pay him a visit and try to talk him out of his depression.

The Mizuki Diving Club's (MDC) coach's words eventually got to him, and he decided to put the pain behind him and get back on track in pursuing the passions he has chosen for himself. Although he has shown an impressive performance on the diving platform, he eventually realized that diving was not really all about having fun.

It can be recalled that he was previously at odds about this matter with his teammate Ryo, who is all about working hard and aiming for the top. Tomoki's fourth place finish may have given him something to be regretful about, but it also ignited in him that same kind of fire that Ryo has been talking about all this time.

What comes next for Tomoki now? Did letting go of the things he had outside of diving turn him into an athlete who will now be blindly pursuing the top spot? Will he still find some fun in what he's on the diving board this way?

Following the preliminary round, the members of MDC will be pursuing a brand new path with passion and determination. However, it seems that more complications are out to block their way towards success. Will they be able to surpass these challenges and help each other out as teammates and friends?

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