Don't Lose Track of Reality This Christmas, Says Frost

LONDON – The head of Share Jesus International has called on Christians not to let go of reality amid all the carol services and A-frame nativity sets this Christmas.

In a seasonal message, Andy Frost said Christians tended to lose track of reality at Christmas and that Jesus was born into an impoverished and oppressed people group.

"Jesus was not born into riches but into poverty. We tend to forget the reality of the painstakingly difficult week long journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem," said Frost, who took over leadership of Share Jesus after the death of his father, evangelist Rob Frost, in 2007.

"We tend to forget that it was sinning shepherds (who couldn't keep the Sabbath) and Gentile magi who formed the welcoming party," he continued. "We tend to forget the slaughter of hundreds of innocent babies that took place as Herod went on the rampage.

"We tend to forget that Jesus became a refugee. We tend to lose track of reality."

Frost encouraged Christians to become like Jesus by sharing His love with the world this Christmas.

"This Christmas, as we celebrate the fact that Jesus stepped into human history, let's not lose track of reality. Let's be like Jesus, stepping into a broken world to share his love," he said.

His sentiments echo those of the Bishop of Ludlow, the Rt. Rev. Alistair Magowan, who reminded churches across the Diocese of Hereford that the sentimental images often associated with Christmas belied the suffering of God.

"Here is God embracing poverty accepting frailty, becoming a refugee, experiencing political repression and eventually dying falsely accused a criminal's death," he said.