'Dragon Quest XI': 'Bowgun Adventure,' New Casino Feature Revealed

'Bowgun Adventure' is included in the PS4 version of 'Dragon Quest XI'
Dragon Quest XI official websiteThere's a 'Magic Slot' game that can be activated while playing the slots mini-game inside 'Dragon Quest XI'

When "Dragon Quest XI" players want to take a break from the main storyline included in the role-playing game, they should know that they can still try out different things, including the "Bowgun Adventure" and the casino mini-games.

Beginning with the "Bowgun Adventure," new details about this game element were revealed in the latest issue of the Weekly Jump magazine.

Siliconera has provided translations of the new revelations.

First off, it is worth noting that the "Bowgun Adventure" is apparently something players cannot try out unless they receive an invitation for it from an NPC.

It is still unclear where this NPC resides and if there may be prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before an invitation is handed out, so fans may have to stay tuned for those details.

Once players do get the invitation, they can start looking for the different targets that are located all over the world. As the name of this game element suggests, players will need to use a bowgun to hit the targets.

Players who clear the targets will be rewarded for their troubles.

The "Bowgun Adventure" is included in the PS4 version of "Dragon Quest XI."

Aside from the "Bowgun Adventure," players can also head to the casino and check out something that can yield many rewards.

Apparently, if players get really lucky and manage to get three 7s while trying out the slots mini-game, they will be able to trigger something known as the "Magic Slot."

From the looks of it, the "Magic Slot" gives players an opportunity to obtain more coins, provided that they of course keep getting lucky with their spins, though they may also need to deal with a boss fight.

Apart from the slots, players can also try out the poker and roulette mini-games inside the casino in order to win more coins.

"Dragon Quest XI" is set to be released for the PS4 and the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on July 29.