Duck Dynasty Beardless Brother, Alan Robertson, Shows Off New Beard on 700 Club (PHOTO)

The Duck Dynasty's famously-nicknamed "Beardless Brother," Alan Robertson, surprised his 700 Club host, Terry Meeuwsen, earlier this week when he showed up--with facial hair.

(Photo: CBN Screen Capture)Alan Robertson, the so-called "Beardless Brother" on hit show The Duck Dynasty, has shown off a newly grown beard here on the 700 Club.

Alan, who only joined the show in recent months, boasted a scruffy beard and joked that he had had to take a measure to prove he was a Robertson.

"I'm hanging by a thread in this family. Everybody knows that. I just found out about my heritage so I figured I better do a little something to hang on to what I have," said Alan.

He also took credit for a spike in "Duck Dynasty" traffic when he led his parents' vow renewal ceremony at the start of Season 4.

"They'd been languishing down there — less than 10 million viewers, so they had to get that bump up there," joked Alan.

His wife Lisa said that the couple's decision to leave pastoral ministry and join their extended family had been a tiring but rewarding decision.

"We thought ministry was a seven-day-a-week, 24 hour a day thing. Nope, whenever you're with your family and trying to keep everyone together, push people to where they're supposed to be going and tell them when to show up for this—it's been a challenge, but we love our family so much that's it's actually a joy," she said.

Her husband attested that they saw "Duck Dynasty" as a chance to reach out to those who would never have heard the Gospel or come to church on their own.


"[We] saw it as an opportunity for national ministry—really international ministry with so many of the fans out there," said Alan.

[It's the] perfect platform to get the gospel out," he added.