'Duck Dynasty' Recap: Robertson Brothers Seek Church's Help to Solve Nasty Dilemma

Last night's episode of A&E's hit Christian reality show "Duck Dynasty" focused on the theme of parenting, from keeping children safe to teaching them the importance of hard work and perseverance.

While the classic comedic relief of the show, Uncle Si Robertson, was not featured in this episode, John Luke, the grandson of family patriarch Phil Robertson, picked up the slack by being on anesthesia at the dentist after having his wisdom teeth removed. The usually-mild mannered teenager had an array of funny one-liners that his mother, Kori Robertson, conveniently captured on film. After having his wisdom teeth pulled and still feeling the loopy effects of anesthesia, John Luke shot off a series of barely-coherent mumbles, such as possessing "eagle powers" and telling his mother he was a "hungry fella."

"This is better than naked baby photos. His girlfriends will be seeing this for years to come," Kori told the camera about John Luke's comical behavior.

The second story of Wednesday evening's episode featured brothers Jase and Jep figuring out what to do with several pounds of rancid venison, seafood, ribs, and sausage that had spoiled in the Duck Commander office's large freezer after it broke. The two describe the stench emanating from the freezer as having the ability to "choke a maggot on a goat wagon."

The boys then convinced their father, Phil Robertson, to use his large pickup truck to help them haul the spoiled meats out of the warehouse to an empty dumpster in town. The first potential dumpster was sitting in a church parking lot, and although the gang of three did consider dropping the meat there, they ultimately decided their Christian values did not agree with leaving rancid meat at a place of worship.

Next, the three venture to a Mexican food restaurant to ask the store owner if they can dump the trash in their dumpster. While waiting to speak to the manager, Jase and Jep are serenaded by a mariachi band as they snack on salsa and chips and Phil waits outside in the truck. Ultimately, the restaurant owner tells the two they cannot leave their putrid collection at the restaurant.

The boys finally got ahold of the oldest Robertson brother, Pastor Alan, who gave them permission to dump the rotting meat in the church dumpster.

The episode concludes with the Robertsons sitting down to another family meal, and Willie wrapping up the episode by saying: "Whether it's pulling teeth or taking out trash, you have to do your best to raise your kids safe, healthy and happy."

A&E's "Duck Dynasty" is in its fourth season, and the wholesome reality show that follows an evangelical family and their duck call business in Louisiana has been a take-off hit with American viewers, many of whom have said the show's wholesome approach is a breath of fresh air from the usual, scandalous brand of reality TV. The show airs every Wednesday at 10 p.m. eastern time.