DWTS Results Show: David Arquette Pokes Fun at Makism After Being Eliminated

David Arquette was the most recent contestant to be cut from the Dancing With the Stars cast on Tuesday night.

In an episode that opened with Justin Bieber serenading the crowd with his hit song “Never Say Never” and a new haircut. The 17-year-old crooner executed an elaborate dance routine that included tumbling and special effects.

Despite the fact that his older sister has been the talk of every major media entity this week, Rob Kardashian was declared safe in Tuesday night’s episode. Although Kardashian said he spoke to his sister, he was not willing to discuss her marriage woes on Tuesday.

“I don't want to speak about that personal stuff," Kardashian told E!

However, Kardashian told E! that his family has been very supportive of his efforts each week.

"My family was super happy super proud," Kardashian said. "I've been improving every week and they're just really proud that I'm still here."

One contestant who barely made it through the elimination round on Tuesday night was media personality Nancy Grace. Although she was in the bottom two couples to be eliminated, Grace managed to pull through to another week and expressed her gratitude to E!.

Grace said she was "very emotional," because she thought she would be going home.

Instead, actor David Arquette was announced as the person who would not return to dance next week. Grace told E! that she didn’t want to say goodbye to Arquette, who had become a friend to her.

"I did not want to go on television and cry," Grace said. "Our trailers were right across from each other and I will miss him."

After learning about his elimination, Arquette made light of the situation. He mirrored Makism Chmerkovskiy’s sentiments from last week’s show in some of his last comments on the show.

"There must be a mistake because this is my show," Arquette joked.

However, the comedian was serious when he spoke about what he gained from the experience.

"I came here to get to know more about myself, face my fears," Arquette said.