Earthquake Today: China Quake Latest Death Toll - 398 Dead, Over 2,000 Injured, 30,000 Evacuated

(Photo: Reuters/China)Rescue operations after 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Ludian County, Yunnan, China.

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit Ludian County in Yunnan, China on Sunday Aug. 3, 2014 around 4:30 p.m. local time. This is the strongest quake the country has suffered in 14 years.

According to Xinhua, the death toll has risen to 398 while around 2,000 more people were injured, and about 30,000 people from Ludian and the surrounding counties were evacuated. As for properties, the current figures say 12,000 houses collapsed and about 30,000 more buildings were damaged.

Rescuers are composed mainly of China's Troops and the Red Cross Society of China. Hong Kong and Macau's Red Cross are also supporting and even the Red Cross branch from Sichuan Province are joining in intensive efforts.

Aside from offering relief by way of handing out supplies such as tents, jackets and quilts to the evacuees, search and rescue operations are also ongoing. Many survivors are yet to be rescued under rubble of buildings and homes.

With the number of aftershocks each with their own magnitude and the forecast of rain storm in the affected areas, rescuers are under great pressure to get as much done before harsh weather sets, in bringing more difficulty to the situation.

With all the operation on going, the U.S. government has offered their condolences to China. On top of this, the U.S. has expressed that they are willing to render aid to grief-stricken China.

Alongside the U.S., the United Nations, through U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon expressed that they will mobilize international aid in order to lend assistance to China in order to tend to the country's humanitarian needs following the devastating incident.