Edward Furlong Mugged, 'Terminator 2' Actor 'Asking for Trouble' on Skid Row

Edward Furlong was mugged, and the "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" actor went to police for help as a result. While 35-year-old's appearance on Los Angeles' Skid Row was called "suspicious" by critics, the actor told police he was just asking for directions when the incident took place.

Edward Furlong was mugged while asking a stranger for help in Skid Row- one of the seediest areas of L.A., well known for drugs and violence, according to TMZ.com. The publication stated that after approaching the stranger, "the man aggressively demanded his wallet."

Rather than risking violence, Furlong gave it to him.

"Furlong says he obliged … and the dude took off. No weapons were used," reported TMZ.

After being robbed, the actor found a police officer and reported the incident. However, critics feel there's more to the story, as Furlong has a history of drug abuse, alcoholism and incidents with the police.

In April of 2001, Furlong was hospitalized after being found in a pool of his own vomit. Although the reason is unknown, some suspected heroin use- a drug the actor has admitted to using in the past.

The troubled actor has also been in and out of rehab, allegedly threatened to commit suicide, and told a judge he is "completely broke" and unable to pay child support to his wife Rachael Bella, and son Ethan Page Furlong.

"Truth is … he was asking for trouble" when he went out on Skid Row, speculated TMZ.

Furlong's problems bear a striking resemblance to that of Nick Stahl- another actor who took on the role of John Connor in the "Terminator" series. Connor disappeared twice earlier this year, possibly because of his drug addiction.

"I gotta lotta hope," Rose said at first, to People in May. However, it appears she was feeling less hopeful in the second round and gave up on looking for Stahl altogether only weeks after his second disappearance.

Now, however, the actor has returned home to his family.

"According to our sources, Nick is going to AA and is now 'in a good place,'" TMZ not long after the incident. "We're told he has not moved home, but is staying elsewhere and in constant communication with the family."