'Epic Don't Drink and Drive Prank': Watch What Happens When a Habitual Drunk Driver Is Tricked Into Thinking He Was In a Coma for 10 Years

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/MabeInAmerica)A scene from the Don't Drink and Drive Prank.

A habitual drunk driver was made the subject of an elaborate hoax in a viral YouTube video when friends trying to get him to clean up his act, convinced him that he was in a coma for ten years and had woken up to a future where Justin Bieber is gay, Miley Cyrus is living in a trailer park and Hillary Clinton is president.

Tom Mabe, YouTube prankster of "MabeInAmerica," from Louisville, Ky., converted an office into a hospital room, then pulled together a team of actors to portray doctors to convince his friend that he was asleep for 10 years and it was all because of his drinking problem.

"Some time ago you was [sic] out drinking and you decided to drive and there was an accident," said the actor playing a doctor to the drunk in the video. "You've been here with us for some time. This accident took place back in 2013. Mr. [inaudible] this is 2023. You've been in a coma for the past 10 years," the faux doctor continued as the drunk gravely shook his head in silence at the news before asking to see his daughter.

The video ends with the drunk, who has 5 DUIs, finally being let in on the ruse.

Reactions to the nearly 5 ½ minute video, which has been viewed more than 5 million times, has been mixed, with some arguing that even the drunk's reaction was staged.

Overall, however, most people took home the message behind the video. "Happy holidays. Don't drink and drive."

"Well done Tom, this is not only one of your best pranks, but hopefully a lesson to be learn," noted Hugo Hernandez.

"This guy is lucky people care about him and his daughter so much to go this far!!!" said Jim Deberender.

Others, like Robert Ice, suggested ways in which the prank could have been made a little more uncomfortable for the drunk driver.

"Maybe it would have been worse for him if police came in shortly after the doctors for transport him to prison for manslaughter. That would have really made him think," noted Ice.

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