ESPN Heather Cox Snubbed by Stanford Coach During Rose Bowl Interview [VIDEO]

Cox: 'Are you kidding me?'

ESPN's Heather Cox was snubbed by Stanford coach David Shaw who brushed the reporter off during a post-game interview on his Rose Bowl victory over Wisconsin. Her reaction to the interview fail: "Are you kidding me?" (Video below.)

Cox, an ESPN reporter, was trying to track down Shaw for the traditional "How does it feel" victory interview but the Stanford coach seemed distracted and wouldn't give the reporter the time of day. Shaw appeared to be reveling in Stanford's 20-14 victory over Wisconsin and was backing away as Cox was trying to ask him a question.

Cox pleaded: "We're going to do an interview really quick. One quick interview, coach."

After sticking to his side, ESPN's Heather Cox finally got Shaw finally squeezed in the question: "First Rose Bowl since 1972, what does that say about where this program is?"

Shaw responded: "To be honest, we're still on the ascend. We can still play so much better and that's our charge now, to take this victory, celebrate it, but get ready to buck up and play better next year."

The ESPN sports reporter tried to ask another question but Shaw was whisked away and waved good-bye. "Are we finished here?" asked Cox. "Guys, I'm told the coach needs to go to the trophy presentation."

When Cox thought she was off the air, she asked in disbelief off-camera, "Are you kidding me?"

Shaw eventually gave ESPN and Heather Cox an interview after the trophy ceremony.

Watch the video where Heather Cox is snubbed by Stanford Coach David Shaw below: