Friday, May 31, 2013
Evander Holyfield's License Revoked? Boxer Owes $300,000 in Child Support

Evander Holyfield's License Revoked? Boxer Owes $300,000 in Child Support

Evander Holyfield's license could be stripped from him for failing to pay child support payments for one of his 11 children on time. The former world heavyweight champion boxer has had money troubles in the past year, owing over $300,000 in back child support.

Evander Holyfield's license was brought up as an incentive to get him to pay his back child support by a Georgia judge. The judge allowed the Division of Child Support Services to begin the process that would result in the former boxer's license being revoked if he doesn't begin his payments to the Georgia Department of Human Services soon, according to TMZ.

Holyfield's child support woes for his daughter Emani Holyfield began last September, when court documents revealed that the 50-year-old was ordered to pay $563,900 in child support. His first payment of $17,700 began soon after, but he didn't pay his monthly payment of $2,950 consistently after that. Although another judge allowed Holyfield's paychecks to be garnished, he still owes $327,858.

Though Holyfield is the only boxer to ever be four-time World Heavyweight Champion, has earned over $250 million in his career, and only retired last October, his financial woes are still apparent. He was kicked out of his 54,000-square-foot Ga. mansion in July to satisfy a $14 million debt on the home, and has begun selling keepsakes and memorabilia- a clear sign that he is in financial trouble.

Despite the court battles over child support, a representative for Holyfield told TMZ that the boxer "has a wonderful relationship with his daughter." They refused to comment on his financial struggles.

In August, Holyfield will appear before the judge, who will consider whether or not he will lose his license for missing his child support payments.


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