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Evidence of Young Earth Creationism Will Debunk Current Scientific Paradigm, Filmmaker Says

Evidence of Young Earth Creationism Will Debunk Current Scientific Paradigm, Filmmaker Says

The Colorado Springs resident who served more than 20 years in the U.S. Air Force said he's not optimistic that the paradigm will be replaced with a biblical position because people do not want God in the picture.

"The problem is this: [The creationist] perspective brings us face-to-face with the true God and we know that. Even we as believers have a tendency sometimes to shut Him out. That's the state of fallen human nature," he noted.

He does, however, believe that people will see the many problems that exist in Darwinian evolution.

Tackett argued that oftentimes people accept things said by Plato because it was written in a book. But when it comes to things that points people back to God and sin and judgment, they'd rather not accept that to avoid hearing God's holy and righteous design for their life.

In the documentary "Is Genesis History?" Tackett talks with experts in geology, biology, astronomy, archaeology and more to show that observational science can be used to confirm God's word.

His hope is that viewers would see the brilliance of the scientists — whom he described as "scary smart" — featured in the film. Those scientists include Paul Nelson (Ph.D., philosopher of science at Computer History Museum), Marcus Ross (Ph.D., paleontologist at Discovery Park of America), Kevin Anderson (Ph.D., Microbiologist at Van Andel Creation Research Lab), Doug Petrovich (Ph.D., archaeologist at Oriental History Museum), and Steven Austin (Ph.D., geologist).

"Several of these men were prodigies as children; they're very, very intelligent. So those accusations are wrong," Tackett maintained.

Books and resources will be available to help support the young earth view and provide a pathway for people interested to stand on what the Bible says about creation.

"Parents have to be subjective in helping their kids and themselves to find this material because the easy stuff, the stuff that's on television and books [is everywhere] but the rest of the [young earth] material is there; they just have to hunt for it," Tackett concluded.

The Compass Cinema, Thomas Purifoy, Jr. film will be in theaters for one day through Fathom Events on Feb. 23. For more information, visit

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