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'Evil or Live' Air Date, Spoilers: Net Addiction Rehab Turns Into a Nightmare Hub in Upcoming Anime Series

'Evil or Live' Air Date, Spoilers: Net Addiction Rehab Turns Into a Nightmare Hub in Upcoming Anime Series

Key visual art for the upcoming fall anime series, "Evil or Live." | Evil or Live Official Site

A rehabilitation facility for net addicts turns into a den for nightmares on the upcoming Japanese fall anime series, "Evil or Live." Can the 17-year-old Hibiki escape his gruesome fate?

Based on the Tencent Chinese webcomic "Lixiang Jingu (Ideal Restricted Area)" by Li Xiaonan, the series features the story of a high school student named Hibiki, who, one day, enrolls into a rehabilitation center designed to treat net addiction in young people. The facility promises to lead the addicted back to the right path, but nothing could've prepared anyone, much less its newest recruit, for its hellish methods.

Hibiki used to be active in the track and field team in his middle school days. However, a certain event pushed him to rely on and become increasingly attached to the Internet, thus becoming a severe net addict. He is, later on, transferred to the elite rehabilitation facility for treatment and eventually driven into despair when he realizes that the place is nothing more than a prison.

According to Shin'ichiro Ueda, the voice actor who does the voice of Hibiki, the story of "Evil or Live" will be told from Hibiki's point of view.

"So his surprise, fear, excitement, and other emotions will be felt by the viewer and rapidly develop the story," Ueda said.

The series will reportedly consist of 12 episodes 25-minute episodes. It will be directed by Dong Yi for the Emon Animation Company, with Zhang Yuan and Chen Weiwen serving as animation producers. Art direction will be handled by Ling Zhengzhe, while Shantian Gaifan and Mi Chong serve as executive producers.

The series will be shown in Japan with Japanese dub and Noemcore will be performing the opening theme song, "Sore demo Boku wa Ikite Iru (I'm Still Alive)."

"Evil or Live' premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 10, late night at 1:41 a.m. JST on Tokyo MX. Additional information on other broadcast schedules and online resources will be available at a later time on the series' official site.


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