Ex-Gay Backs Mohler: Homosexuality is a Sin

In response to an evangelical leader's controversial article on the possibility of a biological marker on homosexuality, one ex-gay argues that homosexuality is already a changeable trait.

"The fact is homosexuality – having no scientific, biological basis whatsoever – is already a changeable trait without a patch or injection, one that I have personally received 14 years ago: Jesus Christ," said Stephen Bennett, founder of the pro-family Stephen Bennett Ministries, in a released statement.

Bennett was responding to a recent blog post written by the Rev. R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, that was blasted by both Christians and homosexual advocates. The March 2 post that suggested homosexuality may be genetic in origin was seen as a challenge to conservative Christian belief that homosexuality is a matter of choice that can be overcome. And while opposed to genetic manipulations of all kinds, Mohler said if a hormone therapy were developed for fetuses that would help them be born straight rather than gay, he would support its use as he would support medical treatment to give sight to the blind fetus, according to Time magazine.

Bennett attributed the media storm over the blog post - which he says is based on pure speculation, questionable research and science fiction - to the premise that the reader could walk away with: "if someone is born a certain way, who are we to 'play God' and change nature?"

In a follow-up post last Friday, Mohler stated that if – "a big 'if'" - science were ever to discover a biological basis for sexual orientation, Christians should not be surprised.

"Such a discovery, if it were to be accepted, would not change God's condemnation of all forms of homosexual behavior, nor would it mean that this represents the inviolable 'identity' of any individual," he wrote. "As I argued previously, moral responsibility does not require absolute moral choice. A soldier in battle may not have chosen to be in a situation of moral anguish, but he is still absolutely responsible for his decisions and actions."

Mohler further reaffirmed that homosexual behavior, even if genetic in origin, is still a sin.

Bennett, a former gay man for 11 years, agreed with Mohler. "No matter the future's findings or lack thereof, homosexuality is, was and always will be 'sin' in God's eyes – an immoral, sexually behavior based lifestyle that should and can be changed," he stated.

While homosexual activists were upset over Mohler's position on homosexual behavior, Bennett gave reason to it being immoral.

"I agree with Dr. Mohler – all human beings are created in the image of God and deserve respect. However, as long as people like me – former homosexual individuals – exist and testify to God's life changing grace (and there are no doubt numerous men and women all around the world who have abandoned the practice of homosexual behavior), homosexual persons can never escape the real truth about their immoral lifestyle."

Bennett claims to have been sexually involved with over 100 men as a gay man. He now has a wife and two children and runs an organization to educate the world about the issue of homosexuality and how to compassionately minister to those affected.

To individuals such as Bennett, Mohler had expressed gratitude, urging all Christians to show compassion to those struggling with homosexuality.

"We should be thankful for those who, through biblical counsel and guidance, are helping homosexuals to find victory in Christ," he said on his blog as he reminded evangelical Christians that all are born sinners but cured with the cross of Christ.

The evangelical leader also acknowledged many persons struggling with homosexuality who do not know the origin of "this temptation" and "deny that they consciously chose it."

Regarding the struggle he faced as a homosexual and the temptation he overcame, Bennett put it simply:

"I had two choices set before me: what the world said about homosexuality – and what God and His Word said. Based upon God's truth that homosexuality is immoral, sinful and unnatural and same-sex attracted persons can change, as well as the eternal destiny in a place called Hell for unrepentant, practicing homosexuals, I have no regrets about choosing God's way over the world's when I abandoned my homosexuality in 1992. There are numerous other people just like me worldwide who made the same choice – and guess what: we have no regrets."