Ex-psychic repents of 'demonic' fixation on numerology: 'A desire for control'

Unsplash/Scott Rodgerson
Unsplash/Scott Rodgerson

Two former psychics who turned away from the occult and became Christians say the New Age practice of numerology is "demonic," "deceptive" and addictive because it can potentially lead to an unhealthy fixation on satanic influences that are far from God. 

Former psychic Doreen Virtue joined ex-psychic Jenn Nizza on a recent episode of Nizza's "Ex-Psychic Saved" podcast, where they warned listeners about what they say are the harmful effects of numerology. 

Numerology is the belief in a mystical relationship between numbers and their symbolism in people's lives and futures. Both women shared that they know firsthand how tempting practicing numerology can be when someone is lured into the practice. 

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"I was a psychic medium. I was not a numerologist. … But, I went to many. And then, when I would be doing psychic medium readings, numbers would be used because then, I had some sort of New Age understanding of what the demons told numerologists — what was channeled — and they would use numbers in my readings," Nizza shared. 

Even though she wouldn't describe herself as a former numerologist, Nizza said when she was a psychic medium, she taught a divination class in which she would use numbers and specific equations that she received from demons to deliver messages to her clients. 

At that time, Nizza said she desired wisdom that always seemed unattainable, and she would chase after what she believed was psychic knowledge. 

"That's what divination really is. … You're getting information. You're wanting control. You don't have it. You want power. This person thinks they have power. And then, you have to go to other psychics, probably, after that, or do manifesting, and you keep going back to the problem for the solution. … That's my story with numerology. And of course, angel numbers and so on and so forth," Nizza shared. 

Virtue said she too wanted power that always seemed out of reach. 

"This is a desire for control. It's a desire for secret wisdom and hidden information, just like the serpent offered to Eve in Genesis 3. And so, I was no different. I was looking for a way to predict the future to control the future, manifest the future," Virtue said.  

Virtue said she was led into numerology after having a detailed dream about her grandmother Pearl. Looking back now, 20 years later, she said she knows she did not really see her grandmother but rather a demon impersonating her grandmother.  

After having the dream, Virtue said she was led to study Pythagoras, which led her to explore numerology. 

"I learned the classical numerology, which by the way, is different for different teachers. And that's another reason why New Age is not valid because …  depending on who you talk to, five could mean 'change' or five could mean 'death' or, you know, six can mean 'materiality' or in the Bible, it can be 'the mark of the beast 666.' The same number can mean different things to different systems. So, that shows you right there that the interpretation is not valid," Virtue said. 

For her book Angel Numbers, Virtue said she would meditate on numbers and notice her thoughts and visions. And she would believe that "so-called Angels" were sending her messages. She later realized that the "angels" were really "Satan's demons or minions" masquerading as angels of light. 

"I have a BA and MA in counseling psychology and I studied, you know, human psyche. … The mind looks for patterns because it's wanting control. So, if you notice three's all day long, your mind is going to want to try and pigeonhole what does this mean and try and find meaning out of it in a meaningless world, meaningless universe," Virtue explained.  

"The only meaning of this universe is that it's God's universe. God made it and our purpose is to glorify Him, and doing divination is the opposite of glorifying God. He commanded us not to do any form of divination or look for signs or omens. That's in the Old Testament and the New Testament. And the reason is because He loves us and doesn't want us to be misled by the demons." 

Instead of turning to "demonic" and "occult" practices, such as, numerology, God "wants us to turn to Him for wisdom through His Word, through His book, the Bible, and not to try and lean on our own understanding," she continued. 

"It's absolutely a trap. I followed numerology. I taught numerology. I repent and apologize that I was wrong." 

Virtue advises listeners struggling to turn away from numerology to seek Christ and surrender their sinful desires to Him. 

"People all the time, ask me: 'How do I get the obsession with numbers out of my head?' Because once you learn these angel number patterns or numerology patterns and then, you know, let's say you leave New Age — praise the Lord — [people in these scenarios] they have a hard time letting go of noticing the license plates, and the receipts and the telephone number patterns," Virtue said. 

"As we talked about your brain goes to patterns trying to make order out of this world. So, what you want to do with any thoughts, whether it's sexual tension, thought or selfish thought or a hateful thought is you always want to lay that at the foot of the cross," she continued.  

"You can get on your knees and repent. Repent, of course, in Greek means metanoia, change your mind. You are apologizing to God, just like David showed us in the songs how he poured his heart out to God. He wasn't worried about being politically correct. He was just raw with God and we want to be the same."

Virtue said that numerology and divination are sinful acts that are punishable by God, as noted in Deuteronomy 18, Acts 16:16, Acts 19:19 and Revelation 22:15.  

"What you want to do is you can ask God, … to relieve you of these recurring patterns that are in you. You can ask Him, like in Psalm 139, to 'purify you.' You can ask God; 'please purify my heart. Please purify my mind. Please purify my intentions,'" Virtue advised. "We have to understand what's a biblical thought and what's a nonbiblical thought and take them all to God."

Nicole Alcindor is a reporter for The Christian Post. 

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