Ex-Wife Drags Man Behind Truck, Woman Charged With Attempted Murder

A man in Florida was reportedly hogtied and dragged behind a vehicle by his wife and two other accomplices before managing to escape.

Robert Hall, 54, was in the intensive care unit at Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach on Thursday following surgery to repair a broken pelvis, broken facial bones and bleeding in his brain, according to a Volusia County Sheriff's Office statement.

A police report revealed that Hall had been staying at his ex-wife's house as a part of an agreement between Hall and Jeanette Morris, his ex-wife.

Morris, who works as a truck driver, had notified local deputies that she would be returning home and requested a deputy escort her so as to avoid any confrontation. Upon arriving at the residence, Morris told the deputy that she would stay with her brother because Hall's girlfriend was also staying at the house.

But Morris did not leave the house after the deputy left and instead began to drink with Hall along with her brother, Harold Anderson, 63, and a woman named Joan Hobart, 46.

For reasons still unclear, sometime during the night, the trio assaulted Hall with a stun gun and began beating him. The trio then bound Hall's hands and ankles and attached to rope to the bumper of a truck before driving off.

The police report stated the truck drove for nearly half a mile along a dirt road before stopping. Hall was then thrown in the bed of the truck, where he overheard the trio talking about scalping him while discussing how and where to bury him.

As the truck proceeded to drive off, again Hall jumped out of the back of the truck and ran to a nearby house for help.

"It kind of caught me real off guard," Tyler Shevlin told WFTV. "I see a dude standing there, he's got hemorrhaging from his face, his mouths all busted up, he's got a rope around his neck."

"He had no pants on … his underwear, that's all he was in, and a T-shirt. His underwear was completely shredded. His back was bleeding. The back of his thighs were all bleeding," Shevlin added.

The three suspects were later arrested and charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, false imprisonment, aggravated battery and aggravated assault.