Excalibur Almaz Moon Vacations, Tickets Go on Sale 2015 (VIDEO)

Why settle for an average vacation when you can reach for the stars- or beyond, if one Russian company can get their way.

Excalibur Almaz, a private company located on the Isle of Man, has stated that it has intentions of flying its customers to the moon.

Almaz Limited is an international commercial space transportation company with high hopes. During a recent space tourism meeting in London, the company announced that it was prepared to begin selling tickets to the moon by 2015.

The last manned mission to the moon was during Apollo 17 in 1972. But now you might not even have to be an astronaut in order to make the trip, although you will have to be a millionaire apparently.

Tickets to an out of this world vacation will cost upwards of $100 million per person and possible customers will have less than three years to save if the company has it's figures accurate.

In an ideal world, curious travelers will hop aboard in numbers of three, head for the moon, and then orbit space before making a safe return home.

"Excalibur Almaz is willing and able to send crewed missions deeper into space than would be possible aboard any other spacecraft in existence today," Art Dula, founder and chief executive of of Almaz said during the tourism convention.

Dula appeared confident about his company's abilities and their competitive edge.

"Our fleet of space stations and re-entry capsules enables us to safely fly members of the public to moon orbit as early as 2015," Dula stated. "There is not a single other vessel, owned by a government or the private sector, that is suitable for a manned flight to lunar orbit, utilizing proven technologies."

However while Dula may be first in line, others are on the same wave link and have also planned manned space excursions to the moon.