Farrah Abraham on DUI: 'I'm an Amazing Mother'

Farrah Abraham has defended herself against those who may call her an unfit mother after she was arrested for drunk driving. Abraham, whose story played out on "Teen Mom," referred to herself as "one of the best single mothers you will ever meet."

"If someone thinks I'm a bad mother, that is their own opinion. I know I'm an amazing mother and my daughter has a safe and nurturing environment," Abraham told In Touch Weekly.

Abraham became a single mother when her boyfriend, Derek Underwood, was killed in a car accident before Sophia was born. Since then, she has relied on the support of her parents to help with raising her daughter.

Sophia, 4, was not in the vehicle on St. Patrick's Day when Abraham was arrested. Her blood alcohol content was nearly double the legal limit, which led to her immediate arrest. But Abraham said that Sophia is "never with me when I am intoxicated. I don't believe that is ever okay for a parent to do."

Throughout the "Teen Mom" series, Abraham's own parents drank in Sophia's presence, but Abraham was not seen drinking when she had her daughter. She tried to explain that it was illness and medication that caused her to fail the breathalyzer and be arrested, but the results showed a significant amount of alcohol in her system.

Abraham has worked to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry, writing her memoirs, releasing a CD, and going on tour around the country. She has also hosted events and been featured on various TV shows.

"My parents know I'm responsible and know I do not like wasting my time out drinking," Abraham said. "I am 21, responsible, independent, hard working, educated and successful. I do regret losing time with my daughter, but unfortunately, I was in a bad situation that will never happen ever again in my future."

Unfortunately for Abraham, photos of her dancing and drinking, often scantily-clad, have surfaced online and show that her partying could be more than just a one-time thing.