Firefighter Arrested for MMA Bouts While Claiming Worker's Compensation

Investigators in California have arrested Raphael "Noodle" Davis after learning that he was participating in mixed martial arts bouts while claiming worker's compensation. He has been released on $30,000 bail and his lawyers plan to fight the charges.

According to KTLA news, prosecutors filed four felony counts of insurance fraud against Davis, stemming from claims he filed between December 2008 and May 2011. They claim he was participating in MMA fights during that time period, which made him ineligible for worker's compensation.

What led investigators to Davis' participation in MMA? Videos posted on YouTube showed him battling in the fights and winning several. Davis also used social networking site Twitter to post news about his physical health and feats.

"Just finished running 2.5 miles in 16:44 min. Not to (sic) bad for an old guy!" he tweeted in March.

If convicted of the charges, Davis could face five years in prison. The public, though, has not taken the news of Davis' actions lightly and have said that they "make it harder for the people that really should be on worker's comp." That sentiment has been shared repeatedly on Yahoo's website.

While it is not known what led Davis to file for worker's compensation, it can be assumed that those injuries would certainly hinder an MMA fight. Mixed martial bouts employ a range of techniques including boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, and other full-body actions.

According to MMA website, Davis has a 12-2 record; seven fights took place while he was on worker's compensation. He collected over $30,000 in worker's compensation payments during his time off from the Los Angeles Fire Department. The annual starting base salary of a firefighter with the LAFD who has no higher education is $46,583; those who have a Bachelor of Arts or Science can earn a starting salary of $50,342.