Gaddafi Dead: Prosecutions Could Occur if Execution Proved (CAPTURE VIDEO)

The controversy and rumors surrounding the death of Libyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi continue; despite many potential witnesses, reports continuously differ concerning how he died.

To clarify the chain of events, the United Nations asked that the dictator’s final moments be investigated and definitively chronicled, according to CNN.

The problem concerning Gaddafi’s death isn’t how it happened. It’s widely reported by various sources that after the time of death, he had bullet holes in the head, both legs, and chest.

But who pulled that trigger?

The interim prime minister seems to think that “crossfire” is the most plausible cause for the despot’s grisly demise, reports Fox.

However, video shows Gaddafi bloodied, speaking, wounded on the right side of his skull, and being dragged along while begging for his life.

Later, the video cuts to a dead Gaddafi with wounds on the left side of the head.

“It looks more like an execution than something that happens during a struggle,” says Michael Bott, a firearms expert in a phone interview with CNN.

Bott had only seen the video though, and accurate analysis of what happened can’t be determined without a closer look at the body and wounds.

The Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights stated, “There seem to be four or five different versions of how he died…More details are needed to ascertain whether he was killed in the fighting or after his capture,” CNN reports.

Another reason for the inquiries is international law, which prohibits dictators or other world leaders be assassinated or otherwise killed, even when human rights violations are involved like with Gaddafi.

CNN says that the Libya’s current government, the National Transitional Council, has postponed burying the ex-leader so organizations like the International Criminal Court can perform their own analysis of the body.

If inspection of Gaddafi’s body and the events surrounding his end are found to be skeptical, prosecution could occur.