Galaxy Note 2 Receives Multi Window Feature on AT&T

The Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T should receive the multi window feature through a software update today.

The news was confirmed by the carrier this week inside a statement given to the technology publication Engadget.

"AT&T plans to begin rolling out a software update for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 customers that includes the Multi-Window feature, which allows the user to divide the screen into two active "windows" creating a split screen that enables fluid multitasking between applications," wrote Engadget.

The update is available OTA (over-the-air) starting today.

This feature is also available on the international version of the hybrid device and allows the user to run two separate apps at the same time by utilizing a split screen. The Note 2's powerful quad-core chip helps the device to use this feature quickly and efficiently.

A new Galaxy Note model showed up in GLBenchmarks earlier this week.

The device featured the codename GT-N5100. The N located before the numbers indicates that this will indeed be a Galaxy Note device.

The Benchmark data also reveals that this new Galaxy Note will run Android 4.1.2, JellyBean and feature a 1.6 GHz Exynos 4412 CPU. The display will have a resolution of 1280x800.

This device could also be a variation of the current Galaxy Note model with a larger display. Some tech publications are stating that Samsung could be launching a 7-inch version of the smartphone tablet hybrid in the near future.

The company already offers variants of the Note with a 10.1-inch screen. A 7-inch model would make for a good competitor with Google's Nexus 7 and the Apple iPad Mini.

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 2 earlier this year and it has gone on to be one of the company's most successful devices of all time.