'Game of Thrones' Season 5: Episode 2 Recap, 'The House of Black and White'

Game of Thrones
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This week on "Game of Thrones," Arya meets the Faceless Man, Brienne finds Sansa, and Jon Snow's life with the Night Watch comes to a turning point.

Arya arrives at Braavos, and she's happy as she sees no soldiers on the streets, only working folk. She is taken by the captain to The House of Black and White, which is the home of the Faceless Man, whose name is Jaqen H'ghar. The door is opened by a man wearing a hood, and he says that Jaqen is not there and that she should go away.

Arya sits and recites the names of the people she wants to kill. She waits through the night and stayed even though it rained. Later, she gets up and tries to catch pigeons for food. Bullies try to take her sword, and she tells them, "Nothing is worth anything to dead men."

A hooded man rescues her, and he says he's Jaqen H'ghar. He said that he was the one who opened the door earlier and that he lied to her because a Faceless Man's identity is "no one."

Meanwhile, Brienne of Tarth has finally found Sansa Stark, but Sansa is not interested in going with her once she learns of her association with the Lannisters. But that doesn't discourage Brienne to look after Sansa, as she thinks that Littlefinger isn't the best guardian for her.

Cersei is concerned about how her daughter, Myrcella, is getting on in Dorne. She sends Jaime to see her daughter and rescue her if needed. Cersei also has other things on her mind, as her control of King's Landing appears to be tenuous after the death of her father, Tywin. Her Uncle Kevan challenged her at the latest meeting of the Small Council, and demanded to know what the king really wants.

In Dorne, Myrcella is all grown up and is still living with the Martells. They're still shaken up about the death of Oberyn, and his lover and his daughters, the Sand Snakes, are still angry that he was killed. Doran is not too concerned since he thinks Oberyn's death was legal in the eyes of the law.

Daenarys is not faring too well with some of her subjects. The Sons of the Harpy are proving to be a thorn in her side—not only are they killing her Unsullied and her loyal citizens, but now those who are loyal to her have retaliated. When a supporter of Daenerys', Mossador, kills a Son of the Harpy, she's forced to execute him publicly. The crowd turns against her and the cheers turn to hisses.

Across the land, the Night Watch is getting ready to elect a new leader, and Ser Allister Thorne is expected to win the Night Watch Lord Commander position. Stannis wants Jon Snow to help him win and control the North, and he presents this tantalizing offer: "Pledge me your service and you'll rise again as Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell."

Though it's everything that he has ever hoped for, Jon turns him down.

At the election, the choices are Thorne and an old ranger who has survived 10 winters on the Night Watch. Sam knows that if Thorne wins, he'll evict Gily from the castle. Sam nominates Jon to be the new leader.

The vote is a tie. It's up to old blind master Aemon to cast the final vote, and he chooses Jon. The Night Watch has a new Lord Commander.

"Game of Thrones" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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