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Google+ Businesses Sign-Up Closes Today

Google+ Businesses Sign-Up Closes Today

Due to a massive number of companies wanting to be part of the upcoming Google+ Businesses' test phase, the company had to launch an additional sign-up form online because the previous form, according to Christian Oestlien, a Google+ project developer, had "filled up."

Oestlien reminded businesses that the application form would close this Friday, July 15 at 6pm PST (9pm EST), and any company interested in being considered for this phase should sign up here.

Since Google+ was launched two weeks ago, it has not only drawn the attention of individual users who wanted in on the much hyped about Google social networking site, but drew the attention of businesses as well.

As a result, Google found itself with an influx of companies setting up their accounts on Google+ when Google+ was not meant for businesses. Hence, the tech giant immediately announced that it would be launching a Google+ platform for businesses soon and asked all businesses in the meantime to cancel their accounts or abstain from joining.

"Please note that we are still actively closing profiles that are being used by businesses today," read Oestlien's post. Apparently, Google will select a group of businesses next week to be part of the business platform's developmental phase, and any business not chosen for the trial will be deleted.

Google is being quite strict with its policies.

Aljazeera yesterday reported about a 10-year-old boy from the Netherlands who signed up for Google+ and was kicked out of all Google services. Google+ only permits people 13 years of age or older and because of this policy, Google informed him that his account would be deleted in 29 days unless he provided some form of age validation, according to his father's blog post.

Google has its General terms of service and Community standards that one has to abide by before using personal services such as Gmail. They include commonsense policies such as no sexually explicit material, no copyright infraction or spamming to name a few.

Google is plain and straightforward – keep the guidelines and contribute to the good of the online community.



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