Google Nexus 7 Tablet Moves 1 Million Units Per Month

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is one of the highest selling devices in the market moving 1 million units per month.

ASUS CFO David Chang reported that the tablet started off selling 500,000 units per month and eventually moved up to 1,000,000 this past month.

The only thing that could possibly affect the sales of the Nexus 7 would be the recently launched iPad Mini.

The 7.9-inch device has already received rave reviews from various publications who feel that it is one of the premier mini-tablets on the market.

"There's no tablet in this size range that's as beautifully constructed, works as flawlessly, or has such an incredible software selection," wrote The Verge regarding the iPad Mini.

The Google Nexus 7 does feature a higher resolution display and a lower price tag making it slightly more appealing. This could continue to give Google and ASUS the edge over Apple even after the shrunken down iPad ships.

Google also confirmed that it would be releasing a 32GB version of the Nexux 7 earlier this week.

The company will launch the new version in Wi-Fi only for $249 and with Wi-Fi + cellular for $299.

The 16GB model will retail for $199 when the 32GB model is released.

The Google Nexus 7 also recently became the highest selling Android tablet in the U.K.

The U.K. retailer known as Carphone Warehouse reported that the Nexus 7 is one of its highest selling tablets trailing slightly behind Apple's iPad.

It has also eclipsed other Android mainstays such as the ASUS Transformer Prime, and Samsung Galaxy Tab lines.

Apple's iPad Mini is expected to ship sometime in Nov.

Google did not confirm a release date for the 32GB Nexus 7.