'Grand Theft Auto Online' Updates: New Airplane, Events and More Happening This Week

"Grand Theft Auto Online" has new content and updates on tap this week. The multiplayer module of "Grand Theft Auto V" is getting a new throwback jet airplane, new discounts on vehicles and upgrades, and this week's round of race trials. 

Rockstar GamesThe Buckingham Pyro is available today from Warstock Cache & Carry in "Grand Theft Auto Online."

The highlight of this week's update is the Buckingham Pyro, an odd mix of jet fighter and World War II era twin-boom design. The new vehicle, which the game describes as something that "suggests old world expertise and class like a manual transmission," has been available since Tuesday, Oct. 10, as Rockstar announced in their wire update.

Aside from the eclectic mix of a jet engine and twin-boom tails, almost everything else about the Buckingham Pyro can be customized in the Hangar's Workshop. A wide variety of armaments and customizations will work well with this machine, including homing missiles, liveries and paint, armor, engine upgrades, and more.

Players can top up their in-game cash with this week's set of event promos, which will be good until Monday, Oct.16. There's the extended Double GTA Cash RP in the Capture-like gameplay map Stockpile. The Motor Wars is also giving out double rewards until next week.

The Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 property and the Thomson Scrapyard Bunker are both available for 25 percent less, as Gamespot notes. Getting them customized to taste is not as expensive, too, with Bunker renovation options discounted by 25 percent.

This week is also a good time to score some new vehicles for the garage, with select models now 25 percent off until next week, as well. Players have until Monday to take advantage of the discounts on Ultralight, Rocket Voltic, Lampadati Tropos Rallye, and Kuruma. Decking them out with upgrades from Benny's are also 75 percent of the regular price.

For this week's premium race, the place to be is the stunt race Raton, which is currently set to Super. The time trial event for this update is also Raton Canyon, and both events will earn top placers loads of GTA$.