Grandma Crashes Wedding Party After Splashing Bride With Drinks ... You Won't Believe What Happens Next

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/Darren Nock)Jennifer Nock (l) recovers nicely after her grandmother (c) douses her with a glass of Pimm's at her wedding party.

A British grandmother who halted a couple's wedding celebration after mistakenly throwing a glass of English specialty drink called Pimm's on the bride instead of confetti, was so crushed by the mishap her family surprised her with a second chance to capture the moment.

A video of the accident posted on YouTube by the groom Darren Nock, with the title, "Pimmsgate - How not to throw confetti," has now gone viral.

It shows the newlywed couple, Darren and Jennifer Nock, walking arm in arm being showered in confetti and cheers by their wedding party.

Once they get near the grandmother, however, she apparently loses track of which hand her confetti is in and douses the bride with her glass of Pimm's, bringing the celebration to a halt.

"Has anyone got a tissue? Grandma's just sprayed Pimm's all over my head," says the bride in the video. The embarrassed grandmother then is heard apologizing through sobs as others comforted her.

"I'm so sorry," she said.

YouTube/Darren Nock
Pimmsgate - How Not To Throw Confetti!

"Unfortunately this actually happened on our Wedding Day! Watch Grandma, she got confused with the confetti cup in one hand and the glass of Pimm's in her other hand!" wrote Darren Nock in the description of the video.

"Luckily my wife was very cool about it and we laughed it off pretty much straight away, ish! Grandma still cringes when we reminisce about this story!" he added.

After the mishap, the bride, Jennifer Nock, is seen in a follow-up video telling her grandmother that she loved her.

"Grandma. You're still my grandma and I love you," she said while giving the old woman a kiss.

The video then cuts away to a lawn scene showing the grandmother getting a second shot at throwing confetti on the bride, and this time, she nails it with no drinks in the other hand.

The family then showers her with hugs in celebration. As a precautionary step, however, the video follow-up also noted that the grandmother was given a "'tippie' cup at her next grandchild's wedding."

YouTube/Darren Nock
Pimmsgate Part 2
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