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Greg Laurie's Upcoming Sermon Traces Disciple Peter's Footsteps in Jerusalem

Greg Laurie's Upcoming Sermon Traces Disciple Peter's Footsteps in Jerusalem

Greg Laurie taping a special sermon at the most probable site of the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem to be shown during this coming Sunday's worship services at Harvest Church in Southern California and by webcast, May 2012. | (Photo: Harvest Ministries)

Evangelist Greg Laurie can be seen tracing the steps of the disciple Peter in his upcoming sermon filmed in Jerusalem that will be shown to his church in Southern California and webcast to a global online audience during worship services this Sunday.

"Greg traces Peter's story from the Shepherd's fields to Jerusalem and the site that many believe to be the house of Caiaphas where Jesus was detained on the night of his arrest," said John Collins, executive director of Harvest Ministries, to The Christian Post. Collins along with Harvest's tech team viewed the video from Israel on Thursday.

"On that site, Greg tells the story of Peter's denial before the rooster crowed.

"He then continues it at the Garden tomb, the possible sight of Jesus' resurrection, and where Peter's hope was renewed. The message concludes with footage from the Sea of Galilee where Peter was re-commissioned by Jesus."

In addition to evangelizing at large stadium events known as the Harvest Crusades each year, Laurie pastors Harvest Riverside and Harvest Orange County churches. It is only the second time in Harvest history that a full message designed for a Sunday church sermon will be given by Laurie via video filmed in Israel.

"It's a compelling story about Peter anyway, but to be able to stand on the probable sites the events occurred – it all really comes to life. That's the benefit of being able to be there and be able to describe it," Collins said.

The webcast of the message will be available at and shown at 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

"I hope people all over will check it out because it will really bring Peter's story to light and also really give hope and encouragement when anyone falls or if they ever had an incident in their life where they know they've not pleased God with their actions … and then know they can be forgiven as Peter was," Collins said.

Those watching will be viewing "a fascinating journey," he explained. "If you can't get to Jerusalem, hearing a message from there will be the next best thing."

Four video clips from Laurie's recent trip to Israel that was also part of Holy Land tour he led can be viewed on his blog here.

Laurie also gave blog updates about his trip, that included touring with 300 people. In a post from last week, he wrote, "Hey all, Having a great time in Israel. We went to Caesarea today, where the Roman Centurion Cornelius lived. It was here that Simon Peter preached the gospel to this searching man who had not found the answers in the dead paganism of the day. Peter came to his home, preached the gospel, and the rest is history."


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