Gynecologist Hid Camera in Pen During Female Exams: Over 1,000 Women Involved

More than a thousand victims could be involved in the case against Dr. Nikita Levy, a Maryland gynecologist accused of using a pen as a recording device to secretly film his patients.

A fellow Johns Hopkins Hospital colleague, who suspected that he might be recording his patients, reported Levy on Feb. 4. In the initial report, the female worker claimed to have seen Dr. Levy wearing what looked to be a pen around his neck. The employee believed however, that the pen was actually a recording device. An investigation conducted by the hospital the next day revealed that Levy had a camera pen and other "similar recording devices," according to the Associated Press.

It was discovered more than a week ago that Levy had committed suicide in his Towson area home, wrapping a plastic bag around his head and pumping it with helium. In a note left to his wife he wrote, "I do not want to see you suffer with the truth."

Investigators are still searching for what that truth might be. Over 1,000 women may be involved in the case, according to some reports. At least two lawsuits have been drawn from the case, one a class action lawsuit with over 700 signatures, according to the Daily Mail. Some women complained that they had received a letter from the hospital informing them that Levy was no longer working at the facility but failing to report why.

"I don't understand why they don't think it would be appropriate to tell people," said Tasha Marie Bynum, was a patient for at least 8 years, told the Baltimore Sun. "Why are you protecting his situation? People need to know what's going on."

"We trusted him," a second woman involved in a separate lawsuit against the doctor, said at a town hall meeting, according to the Huffington Post. "He had a lot of us fooled."