Herman Cain Harassment Allegations: Wife's Silence Hurting 2012 Campaign?

Gloria Cain, wife of presidential candidate Herman Cain, has remained quiet during the campaign trail till now. Her silence has been particularly noticed during this past week, as news reports of Herman Cain’s sexual harassment allegations have made headlines.

Mrs. Cain canceled an appearance on Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren show on Friday, hours before she was set to appear. As of now, there has been no reason given for the cancellation.

Faced with tough political backlash, from the claims that Herman Cain has sexually harassed at least three women during his tenure with the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, Gloria Cain’s support is needed more than ever.

Known as a church-going and devoted wife, there is not much else known about Gloria Cain.

During prior political sexual scandals, it has been customary for the politician to call a press conference, accompanied by his saddened wife, and apologize for his actions. In the case of Herman Cain, there has been no sighting of his wife by his side.

Although an appearance by Gloria Cain can end further speculation that she does not fully support her husband’s run for the presidency, it could also do more harm than good. If Mrs. Cain was absent from the campaign when things were going well for the presidential hopeful, adding her in to the news cycle now may seem like a desperate attempt to gain sympathy from the public.

Also, if she is not ready to face the tough questions from the media, she could easily make mistakes while trying to come to her husband’s defense.

During an interview with radio host Sean Hannity, Herman Cain said that his wife “is 200 percent supportive of me in this whole race.”

Though that may be true, Mrs. Cain’s silence has done nothing to put that speculation to rest.