Friday, May 04, 2012
Hitler Had Developed a 'God Complex,' According to WWII Documents

German Dictator Believed He Was 'Incarnation of Spirit of Good'

Hitler Had Developed a 'God Complex,' According to WWII Documents

Infamous German dictator Adolf Hitler, whose World War II concentration camps killed millions of people, believed himself to be the "incarnation of the spirit of good," according to a newly unveiled report.

Hitler, who served as Chancellor of Germany between 1933 and 1945, also believed that Jewish people were the "incarnation of evil," wrote Cambridge academic Joseph MacCurdy back in 1942. The report, commissioned by social scientist Mark Abrams, focused on the Nazi Party leader's actions during his dictatorship, up until his suicide on April 30, 1945. The historical document was discovered by Cambridge historian Scott Anthony, who came across it while researching MacCurdy's work, the BBC revealed.

"Hitler is caught up in a web of religious delusions," MacCurdy explained in the report, and highlighted how the dictator's "Jew-phobia" had increased as Germany's pending defeat in WWII became clear.

"The Jews are the incarnation of evil, while he is the incarnation of the spirit of good," MacCurdy added of the notions Hitler began to have.

"He is a god by whose sacrifice victory over evil may be achieved. He does not say this in so many words, but such a system of ideas would rationalize what he does say that is otherwise obscure," the academic analyzed.

It was evident that the Nazi leader was suffering from paranoia, the report deducted, which Anthony suggested stemmed from Germany's war-time defeats which Hitler blamed on the "internal problem," or Jewish people.

"Given that we now know that the 'final solution' was commencing, this makes for poignant reading," Anthony noted.

The "Final Solution" refers to Hitler's systematic genocide of Jewish people during World War II, the brunt of which occurred during the Holocaust, when millions being held in concentration camps were killed. While official figures of those who lost their lives in the time period vary, some place the total number of European Jews killed at six million, with Germany and Poland losing almost 90 percent of their Jewish populations.


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