'Homeland' Season 7 Spoilers: Keane's Newest Enemy is a Rebel Senator

Facebook/HomelandOnShowtimeKeane has a new enemy in the next season of "Homeland."

President Keane's (Elizabeth Marvel) enemies are multiplying in the upcoming season of "Homeland."

A new face will be added to the cast of the Showtime series next installment, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "Good Wife" alum Dylan Baker has been tapped to play the role of Senator Sam Paley, a "maverick" politician from the Southwest. Paley is set to lead an "aggressive" probe on the Keane administration following the failed coup against her last season. The senator is shaping out to be her biggest enemy yet.

Keane's paranoia will also continue to get the best of her in season 7. After she was saved from certain death by Carrie (Claire Danes) and Quinn (Rupert Friend), she immediately ordered the capture of over 200 people, including Saul (Mandy Patinkin). They were accused of being part of the insurgents who targeted her administration. Carrie tried to speak to Keane about Saul, but she was blocked from reaching out to her.

Spoilers indicate that Carrie will be one of the people to lead the caucus against Keane. She will resign from her post as senior advisor and rejoin the CIA. Keane is said to target the intelligence community, including the agency. Carrie and the others will do their best to stop her megalomaniac plans. There is an emerging complication for Carrie, though. Her brother in law, Bill (to be played by Mackenzie Astin), is set to join the Keane administration via the Department of Treasury.

The former professor at the American University will likely be used as a pawn in the battle of wits between Carrie and Keane. There is no way the POTUS will not take advantage of the opportunity to twist the other woman's arms, as she knows that Carrie is a valuable ally. Now that Carrie is part of the opposing side, Keane will put a target on the former's back before the ex-advisor can do something against her.

"Homeland" season 7 is expected to air sometime in 2018.