Hope Solo 911 Call Audio Recording Tape Released From Pre-Wedding Fight (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Alex Domanski)U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo int his July 17, 2011 file photo.

Hope Solo's 911 call in her dispute with her fiance the night before their wedding has be released in a newly revealed recording.

The U.S. soccer star had a serious argument with her fiance on November 13, in her Washington state home. The altercation caused Solo's brother to call 911 and ultimately ended with her husband to be, former NFL player Jerramy Stevens, being arrested.

The charges against Stevens were later dropped with authorities citing a lack of evidence to be able to gain a conviction.

The couple did reconcile and married soon after he was released from jail.

In the recently released 911 emergency call by KOMO News, Solo's brother, Marcus Solo, requests that police he dispatched to her home after a pre-wedding party ended in a big fight which allegedly turned physical.

Marcus Solo can be heard in the recording explaining how one woman, not his sister, had already been thrown to the ground and may have dislocated her hip.

He said, "There was a little fight inside the house and she got thrown to the ground and she might have dislocated her hip."

The 911 dispatcher then asks whether a weapon had been used in the altercation, to which he confirmed a stun gun had been used.

Throughout the call Marcus Solo does not identify Stevens as the attacker in the melee. The dispatcher specifically asks at one point who started the fight, to which he vaguely responded, "We won't go there. Please get here."

Later on it was revealed that Hope Solo had suffered a cut elbow, and that others at the party also suffered minor injuries. Police reportedly found Stevens hiding in a bedroom on the floor between the bed and the wall, according to The Daily Mail. He claimed to have been sleeping and had no idea what had gone on at the party. Police, however, found dried blood on his shirt, and he was arrested for fourth-degree domestic violence assault after admitting he had fought with Solo.

In the aftermath of the fight, a police officer explained about Stevens: "He and his fiancée Hope had an argument about whether they would be living in Florida or Washington after their marriage."

Hope Solo has also since said that Stevens never hit her, and that she would "never stand for domestic violence. I've never been hit in my life... My life is great."

Here is a transcript of the 911 call:

Dispatcher: 'What's going on today?'

Marcus: 'There was a little fight inside the house and she got thrown to the ground and she might have dislocated her hip.'

Dispatcher: 'OK, any weapons involved in the fight?'

Marcus: 'Umm… A stun gun, actually.'

Dispatcher: 'OK, hold on. How many people are there?'

Marcus: 'There's about a half-dozen, not more.'

Operator: 'About a half dozen?'

Marcus: At least… Eight maybe?'

Dispatcher: 'Was the fight physical other than the stun gun?'

Marcus: 'There was definitely a physical altercation and an innocent bystander got hurt.'

Dispatcher: 'OK, and who was the person who was the instigator?'

Marcus: 'We won't go there. Please get here.'

Dispatcher: 'All the parties that were fighting, are they separated?'

Marcus: 'Yes, ma'am.'

Dispatcher: 'Are all of them still there?'

Marcus: 'I don't know.'

Dispatcher: 'Anybody using drugs or alcohol today?'

Marcus: 'Alcohol, definitely.'

Operator: 'And, the female - where is she located?'

Marcus: 'She's here.'

Operator: 'Ok, but in living room, bedroom?'

Marcus: 'In the living room area, dining room.'

Dispatcher: 'What did this start over?'

Marcus: 'I don't know.'

Operator: 'Sir?'

(Marcus apparently hangs up the phone)

Here is a video of the 911 call recording in the incident: