HTC One M8 vs. iPhone 5s: Spec by Spec Comparison

The HTC One M8 debuted this week and entered into a market where it will have to compete with other leaders such as the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s.

The HTC One M8 packs some impressive specs and is one of the few Android devices that could rival Apple in terms of exterior design. HTC is definitely the underdog when it comes to competing with giants Samsung and Apple, but seems to use that to its advantage by taking more risks when it comes to expensive components. So is it a more powerful device than the iPhone 5S? Here is a brief spec comparison of the two.


The iPhone 5S with its glass and metal exterior has been the reigning champion of smartphone aesthetics for quite some time, however, HTC marched into Apple's territory last year with the original One that came with a unique metal body giving it a classy and sophisticated look. HTC definitely improved on what was already there with the One M8 model and Apple kept it mostly the same as the iPhone 5 with the 5s. Both devices are pleasing to the eye and it might come down to a matter of preference in this department. HTC and Apple have definitely found what worked for them and are sticking to it.


The HTC One M8 comes with a quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip with 2GB RAM. The iPhone 5s comes with Apple's A7 chip and is the world's first 64-bit handset. The iPhone models normally run smooth and have very little lag. HTC devices also seem to run quite efficiently with the Sense UI. Both of these devices are top-of-the-line in the speed department, however, Apple might have a slight advantage thanks to the 64-bit capability.


Apple played it safe this go round. The screen size on the iPhone 5s was quite disappointing as many fans yearned for an Apple handset that had a bigger one. HTC played it safe as well, but that seemed to be a smart move since its flagship handset's screen already measured in at 5 inches. Going any bigger would make the phone enter into phablet territory. The HD displays on the HTC One models are better for gaming and watching video. The iPhone 5s just seems to be behind thanks to the smaller size and lower resolution.


The HTC One M8 packs Beats speakers that are 25 percent louder than the ones found on the original model. The iPhone 5s features a built-in fingerprint sensor for security purposes. Apple chose to improve on security while HTC focused its energy towards music lovers. The HTC One M8 still has decent security features and its single tap gestures also add a nice dynamic to the handset. Apple didn't do enough here to make a big splash.


The iPhone 5s just looks and feels like something that is outdated. The HTC One M8 has everything a smartphone user would need and more. Apple needs to enlarge the size of its screen and give the next-gen model features that are more fun and appealing. Security is definitely important, but not as appealing as loud speakers and simple touch gestures. The One M8 is definitely a more interesting and innovative handset.