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'I Would Like to Bring Miracles Back to Christmas, People Focusing on Possibilities of God During the Season,' Says Worship Singer

'I Would Like to Bring Miracles Back to Christmas, People Focusing on Possibilities of God During the Season,' Says Worship Singer

Veteran worship singer Joshua Mills recently spoke with CP Voice about his new album Christmas Miracle and his desire to make people pay attention to God's miracles during the season.

Mills' new album was recorded in six different cities and paid for by contributions through crowd funding, which according to the singer, is a miracle within itself.

"In recording the album, which took quite a few months, we just kept on having these things happen through the recording process that seemed like a miracle along the way," Mills told CP. "I guess we kind of joked about it like, 'Oh, that's a Christmas miracle.' We kept on saying that and all of a sudden I realized this whole album really is a Christmas miracle, and Christmas is a season for miracles."

Mills believes the album came together through God's divine intervention and this inspired him to encourage others to focus on the miracles of the Lord during this upcoming Christmas season.

"I would like to bring the miracles back to Christmas," he explained. "People focusing on the possibilities of God during the season. I think it's a season when we can expect miracles in our family, miracles in our health, miracles all around us and watch for the good things that God does."

Mills feels people have lost touch with miracles during the Christmas season due to the over commercialization of the holiday. He believes Christians need to realize it's all about Jesus and his miraculous birth.

Mills has been a worship leader for over 15 years and his career and calling allows him to travel the world to sing songs that glorify God, which enables him to see people from various cultures unified under Jesus Christ.

"I've been [in] over 65 nations around the world," Mills said. "In the different cultures, in the different countries, it's amazing because people have different dances, different musical styles. But the amazing thing is that right at the very core of it we all have that same heart to worship God, and I discovered that although I may not be able to speak a foreign language, when we're worshipping somehow there's a connection."

Mills called it a connection with Heaven during the interview. The singer also emphasized the significance of Christmas music and its ability to instantly bring listeners back to their past experiences with the holiday.

"There are so many songs of the season that just bring back childhood memories and those magical feelings," he said. "I couldn't imagine Christmas without the Christmas music. All of our Christmas memories are tied into those songs."

Joshua Mills' "Christmas Miracle" album is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Worship singer and leader Joshua Mills releases new album "Christmas Miracle." | (Photo: SundariPR)


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