Ian Kennedy Dishes Injury: Diamondbacks Pitcher Sliced Hand Washing Knife

Ian Kennedy's dishes injury may be the most unusual way a baseball player has ever been injured. The Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher cut himself last week while doing the most common of household chores, and as a result, could not start against the Texas Rangers Monday.

Ian Kennedy was doing the dishes- particularly a long knife- when he accidentally sliced his right index finger. Because the right-handed pitcher needed to be in top shape for the game, he was benched, with his position filled by Tyler Skaggs from Triple A.

"There is no cool story to it. It is kind of embarrassing," Kennedy told Jack Magruder of Fox Sports Arizona. "Cleaning a knife. It stinks, because it is something I easily could control."

"I can't wash any more knives," he admitted.

Despite the untimely injury, Kennedy's prospects for playing should look better in the near future. The pitcher was able to throw in a bullpen session Saturday while he had a band-aid on his finger, according to Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson. The pitcher has been cleared by the team's medical personnel to start on Friday against the Chicago Cubs.

The awkward injury doing the dishes isn't the worst of its kind in Major League Baseball. Andrew Cashner, who plays for the San Diego Padres, injured his right thumb while cleaning a carcass on a hunting trip in December, according to TwinCities.com. The costly injury meant a long recovery time during spring training.

Perhaps an even more strange injury occurred when Jeremy Affeldt of the San Francisco Giants lacerated his right hand in September of 2011. The baseball player was attempting to separate frozen hamburger patties and sliced his right hand, causing nerve damage. Affeldt had to miss the remainder of the season for the expensive accident.

Kennedy was replaced in Monday's game by right-handed pitcher Trevor Cahill.