Ice Cream Sandwich Release Date: Enterprise Features Revealed

Ice Cream Sandwich’s features were outlined in an online post by Gabe Cohen, an Android product manager at Google, today.

Cohen entitled the post, “This one goes out to my IT pals" and highlighted specific details on security and encryption for the new software.

“We openly share how we implemented encryption within Android using Linux dm-crypt and we will soon open-source our implementation for further review within the Android community,” he wrote."

He said Ice Cream Sandwich, also known as ICS, added ASLR to better protect the new Android system and its applications from memory exploits.

“ICS also has a new public keychain framework to make it easier for applications to manage authentication and secure sessions,” he said.

Cohen also promised that the operating system would help fix bugs and improve security from previous Android systems.

“ICS also adds a number of improvements to the email app including server-side search for Exchange and IMAP, nested sub-folder navigation and sync controls, reply/forward indicators, quick responses, and better app navigation,” he added.

Google’s new operating system will be available in November on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone, according to announcement made by the company at its “Mobile Unpacked” event.

Ice Cream Sandwich will include upgraded versions of Gmail, contacts that will now be called People, and an improved notification center.

Some of its new capabilities include Android Beam, which uses NFC to transfer media from smartphone to smartphone by simply touching the devices together.

Its new graphic foundation, Roboto, was also displayed at the event, and it contains more detail and accuracy than any other Android system.