Indica Huddleston Missing: Parents Fear Teen Lured Away by Older Man

Indica Huddleston, 16, has been missing since Aug. 15, and her parents suspect foul play. The teen disappeared, leaving a note saying she was running away from her Lone Peak, Utah home, but her parents don't believe that she made the decision to run away.

"The part that worries me is she says, 'I'm fine; I'm being taken care of'," Indica's mother, Andrea, told KSL News. "That doesn't sound right to me. It sounds like someone is luring her away."

Andrea and her husband Bryan are fearful that Indica had been spending too much time online and speaking with older men.

"I didn't know she was talking to the kind of people she was talking to. I should have done a better job of monitoring, but I didn't," Andrea said.

"We have reason to believe that she left with someone older who she trusted that might have ill intent," the family said in a statement released to the press. "It is not like her to run away, and it is even less like her to not be on social media (Facebook/Instagram) to at least let someone in her large network of friends and family know that she is okay."

Indica's parents have asked for help from the National Center for Missing or Exploited Children as well as local police. So far, though, the police have classified the teen as a runaway and have not issued an Amber Alert. They declined to comment when asked by KSL-TV why they refused to issue the nationwide alert for Indica.

"I think she would have made contact by now if she was safe and well," Bryan noted. "I don't think she is safe and well."

Friends have made a Facebook page hoping to reach Indica or someone who has seen the teen. She has ties to Washington State and California; Bryan and Andrea say that they have reason to believe she may have been forcibly taken there.