'Infini-T Force' Episode 5 Spoilers: What Business Does Raja Kaan Have With Emi?

Infini-T Force Official SitePromotional image for Raja Kaan from the Japanese computer-generated anime series, "Infini-T Force."

There is nothing that Emi wants more than to be rid of the Case and get back to her solitary life. However, it seems that the world is getting smaller by the minute for her and her supposed father, Z, on the Japanese computer-generated anime series, "Infini-T Force." Is a father-daughter reunion about to happen soon?

The previous episode pitted two of the Tatsunoko heroes against Belle Lynn, one of the three pseudo-alliances seen hanging out with Z in some dreary-looking alternate dimension. Just like Damian Gray, Belle Lynn also has her own personal intention for wanting to possess the Case.

As it was, Belle Lynn has been hanging on to Z for a chance to get the latter's exceptional genes. But since this was not going to happen anytime soon, she has been going around the city in search of the perfect genes. Her search, however, has all led her to nothing but duds until she spotted Johji Minami, a.k.a. Tekkaman.

Although the combined forces of Tekkaman and Eagle eventually defeated Belle Lynn, Tekkaman's battle principle of not letting anyone die drove him to save his enemy from death in the end. But will such a heroic act affect Belle Lynn's intentions in any significant way? It still remains to be seen.

The final scene of the previous episode hints at an upcoming brush up between the Tatsunoko heroes and yet another one of Z's people — the 10-feet tall, green- giant Raja Kaan, who has taken on the form of a horrendous-looking monster.

He was seen asking Z about what the true nature of the man's wish was, and by the next scene, he was standing outside Emi's place, pressing the doorbell.

What could he want from the girl who now possesses the Case, who also happens to be Z's daughter? Will this upcoming encounter finally reveal Z's true intention, and thus finally bring the estranged father home to Emi?

And will Emi ever find her missing childhood friend, Maria, again?

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