Inmate Sneaks Back Into Jail: Poses as Prison Employee in New York

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(Photo: Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi)A New York City Correction vehicle leaves Riker's Island in New York City May 19, 2011.

An inmate has snuck back into jail at Rikers Island in New York in a bizarre incident that has stunned authorities.

Yonkers resident, Matthew Matagrano, was reportedly an old prisoner housed at the New York jail. But on Friday authorities accused the man of sneaking back in by posing as a Department of Correction employee at the prison location.

Officials state that the man, a 36-year-old "level 3″ sex offender, impersonated an employee at the prison for at least a week. He was apparently able to make his way through security with a badge and an ID card as phony credentials, and entered multiple city lockups, including Rikers Island and the Manhattan Detention Center.

Officials believe that he broke back into the prison simply to mingle with the inmates, however, it has not been ruled out that he might have had other motives in doing so.

Department of Correction Matt Nerzig spokesman told PIX11: "Mr. Matagrano was apprehended at Bronx courthouse late this afternoon upon claiming to be a NYC Dept. Of Correction Investigator."

He added, "Upon learning Thursday evening of Mr. Matagrano's impersonation of a NYC Dept. of Correction employee, and his unauthorized access to a DOC facility, the Department of Correction within hours was able to identify the individual through surveillance cameras. The apprehension this afternoon of Mr. Matagrano occurred within 24 hours of when the dept. learned of the situation."

This is not the first time the man has been arrested for impersonating officials; in 2004 he was caught posing as a New York City Department of Education official.