Christian Band Forms Through Craigslist; Readies for New Album

Former Word Records artist Satellites and Sirens is preparing for their first independent project. The four piece band comprised of Geoff Hunker, Jonathan Dimmel (drums), David Troyer (guitar), and Brandon Owens (bass/synth) have shown that they are ready to tackle independent life with the release of their newest single “Ready to Save.”

In an interview with BREATHEcast, lead singer Geoff Hunker spoke about the origin of the band, the upcoming album, love, and their goals in music ministry.

How and when did you all come together?

Hunker: We came together about, almost three years ago. Actually we met on Craigslist. I was looking for a band and I put an ad that I was looking for members and met my drummer, Jonathan Dimmel from that process. I had some auditions and I met him through that and he actually knew our old bass player, who knew our guitar player, who knew our new bass player. So its kind of like this process of God kind of pulling people in and out but using that connection on Craigslist to bring the whole band together.

What’s the meaning behind the name Satellites and Sirens?

Hunker: Satellites are something that send information out and sirens are something that get people’s attention. So, that’s kind of what we are as Christians. We’ve got a message and something to say and we need to get the people’s attention and say it.

The new single "Ready to Save," what’s the story behind that song?

Hunker: [While touring] we came across a lot of hurting people and it was kind of one of those things that as we set down and took into account all those people that we met and the process of the conversations we had. It was like, man, there’s just this overwhelming hurt out there and what we just wanted to do was write a song that was an answer to that. Yes, [you’re] going through all these things and I can see that in your eyes but at the same time I want you to know that there’s an answer to all these questions that you have. There’s a cure to this disease that we are struggling with and that is God ...That’s kind of why we wrote that song. We just wanted to bring to life the fact that we all as Christians or unbelieving people, we’re still all dealing with stuff and junk and hurt and, just that reminder that we’re not alone. We’ve got a God who’s there waiting. He is the answer to these questions. He is everything and He’s ready to save us.

What would you say is the overall concept of the new album?

Hunker: I think the overall concept of the album is just love. There’s a song on the album called “Make a Mess” and that song is just about the mess that we have made of love. I don’t believe that [the way] we give love and [the way] we accept love is the way that God really intended it to be and so, it's this record of standing up and admitting that we’ve kind of come to a place where love really isn’t what God intended it to be and where we’re ready to change, we’re ready to do something new, and we’re ready to love through the eyes of God and love the correct way, if that makes sense. That’s kind of the overwhelming [theme]. The lead track off the record is called “Frequency” and you know the chorus is "Let's live and love in stereo." So its kind of like, lets do that as people. Let's live and love in stereo.

Sometimes coming into Christianity, there are trust issues that we experience with people due to a skewed love we place on God. What encouraging words can you offer to those who are finding it hard to accept God’s love?