iPad 2: Schools Expected to Switch Books for Tablets Within Next 5 Years

A new survey predicts that tablets will ultimately outnumber computers in all U.S schools in the next five years.

The survey was conducted using the predictions of technology directors at several U.S. schools.

These individuals are apparently in the process of making more Apple iPad's available in their schools, which led to the 5-year conclusion. 25 educational directors were involved in the survey, which was revealed at a conference on the integration of technology in the classroom.

Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, middle-market investment bank and institutional securities firm, revealed the results.

MacRumors provided more information on the survey that was conducted: "The school districts represented in the survey have about 10 students per computer, but in the next five years, IT directors for school districts expect they will have about six students per iPad. The survey also revealed that the iPad is being used to supplement computers, not replace them, within schools."

"While this may be expected due to limited availability of Android tablets early in the tablet cycle, we also see it as evidence of Apple's first mover advantage," Munster said. "We also see a trend in education (which is mirrored in the enterprise) that familiarity with Apple devices among students (or employees) is causing a demand pull within institutions to also provide Apple devices."

Munster also believes that the word "tablet" will become synonymous with "Apple", since the companies iPad represents a high percentage of the tablet market.

The school IT directors who met with Piper Jaffray predict that there will be more tablets per student than they have computers. These directors also felt that tablet devices such as the iPad would improve the individualized learning process for students.

Munster also spoke with Ron Johnson, Apple's previous head of retail operations, who noted students may be "the last generation with backpacks," as students may use iPads to replace their books.

Some states have already began to move in towards a school system that involves the use of iPad's.

Last February, a Georgia state senator advised a plan that would rid students of their paper notebooks and put iPad's into their hands instead. Printed books may soon be replaced and students will have to learn how to operate tablet devices in classrooms across the nation.

The iPad 2 has been a successful venture for Apple since its launch.

In the company's last quarter, Apple reportedly sold 11.2 million iPad devices.