iPad Mini Rumors Confirmed by PegaTron, New Mock-Up Surfaces (PHOTO)

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Image courtesy of BoloPad.comiPad Mini Mock-up

Apple has all but confirmed the recent iPad Mini rumors that have been swirling around since the end of last year.

The rumors have led to a new mock-up model being created based on some of the news that has leaked from an Apple device manufacturer. Pictures were posted onto the internet and a tablet that looks identical to the regular iPad can be seen in them.

The iPad Mini has been confirmed by two of Apple's biggest device manufacturers including PegaTron and Foxconn. The two companies are usually reliable when it comes to all things Apple.

The iPad Mini release date is rumored to be in October and the device is expected to be unveiled on the 10th of that month.

Various tech publications are reporting that the Apple mini tablet has already gone into production and should be ready for shipping within the next two months.

The publications include Taiwan's Economic Daily News, who stated that a bulk of the device's production will be handled by Pegatron.

The firm has secured almost 60 percent of the production orders from Apple, squeezing out the company's go-to manufacturer Foxconn who has been responsible for many of the older iPad models.

The iPod Touch 5 will be released tomorrow and the device will be priced the same as the rumored iPad Mini.

Both the tablet and the Apple media device will cost $299 for the base model. This makes it unlikely for Apple to release the rumored tablet since it does not really seem needed. Although many publications are reporting that the mini tablet has already gone into production, nothing is official until Apple confirms it.

The fifth-generation iPod Touch being priced the same as the iPad Mini leaves little to no incentive for customers to purchase it since they would be able to buy a tablet for the same price. It seems like poor marketing on Apple's part.