iPhone 5 Release Date: Pre-Order Race Begins in Europe

Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile USA, has begun taking pre-orders for Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 5 in Germany.

Apple has kept information on the device under wraps. The price, release date and specifications have not been provided by the company nor has it even confirmed that the device will actually be called the iPhone 5.

Various leaks and rumors suggest that the next generation iPhone will get into the hands of users sometime in early October.

Deutsche Telekom decided to jump the gun and begin offering pre-orders for the smartphone, but T-Mobile USA has not revealed any plans to follow suit.

According to the rumors, most outlets were supposed to begin to let customers reserve the iPhone 5 in late September.

T-Mobile does not currently carry the iPhone. At the moment AT&T and Verizon are the only official service providers that sell Apple’s device.

And although Deutsche Telekom is its parent company, no reports have been issued stating that T-Mobile will gain the rights to sell the next generation iPhone.

Sprint however is supposed to begin selling the smartphone upon its release, according to recent tech news.

Deutsche Telekom has not revealed any details on the device even though it is currently taking pre-orders for it.

According to Deutsche Telekom spokesman Alexander von Schmettow, the pre-order move is being made instead “in anticipation of supply bottlenecks” whenever Apple does announce and then ship its next installment of the iPhone.

Rumors have flooded the internet for the past few months regarding details for the iPhone 5.

Some of them state that Apple will release an updated iPhone 4 instead of a completely new device.

Others reveal a completely new design which includes a larger screen and a return to the thin-tapered look of the iPhone 3G.

Apple is supposed to hold a media event this month which should confirm the details of the next generation iPhone.