iPhone 5 Release Date: Is Samsung Galaxy S2 the Top Smartphone After Disappointing iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 4S has been unveiled at Apple's "Let's Talk iPhone" media event on October 4 in Cupertino, California.

After a dramatic buildup, following months of rumors that the iPhone 5 would be unveiled, many are disappointed with the unveiling of the 4S, which put simply is just an upgrade of the iPhone 4.

Running alongside the months of rumors about the iPhone 5 was news about the U.S. release of Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S2.

Speculation indicated that the Galaxy S2 was certainly a higher model than the regular iPhone 4, and would potentially give a next generation iPhone 5 a run for its money. Several commentators have called the device the "iPhone Killer."

The Galaxy S2 released on the Sprint network under the name Epic 4G Touch on September 16 and is scheduled to be release on the T-Mobile network on October 12.

The device released on the AT&T network on October 2 after its original September 18 release was delayed.

After its release, it was discovered that the AT&T Galaxy S2 has a security flaw, which allows the device to be accessed without entering a PIN or unlock pattern.

Commentators have suggested that the anticlimactic U.S. release of the Galaxy S2 may hurt its sales.

However, Apple's equally anticlimactic unveiling has many again considering that the Galaxy S2, an entirely new phone, especially in the U.S., may still have a chance to overturn the iPhone's dominance.

While sales numbers for the U.S. are not yet known, reports indicate that the Galaxy S2 has sold over 10 million handsets globally since its international release in late April.

The Galaxy S2 has a number of specs that are notably missing from the iPhone, including 4G capability, possibly a faster processor and an overall cheaper price.

The Sprint and AT&T Galaxy S2 devices sell for $199 with a two-year contract, while the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 will sell for $229 after a $50 mail-in rebate.