iPhone 5 Summer Release Date With New Form Factor

Since 2007 Apple has released its newest version iPhone in the summer. Until 2011 that is, when it broke the trend to release the iPhone 4S later in October.

Since then rumors have swirled over whether Apple would continue the trend to hold a later release date or whether it would revert back to a summer release.

However, more recently a Foxconn employee has commented that there are “various sample devices” of the next iPhone 5 already in secret circulation, according to 9to5 Mac. It has now been suggested that if Apple continues its regular release habits, then the next generation iPhone can be expected this coming summer.

iPhone 5(benm.at)A mock-up of the iPhone 5.

According to the Seth Weintraub blog all the devices in early circulation have a 4-inch display or larger. It is also rumored that the new device will be slightly longer and wider than the current iPhone 4S, and will feature a slightly varied form factor than the currently available devices.

Recently Apple CEO Tim Cook boasted that Apple had various “amazing” new products in the pipeline, and dismissed competitors to their devices.

Apple has sold 37 million iPhones to date, and if an iPhone 5 were to drop this summer it would certainly cement Apple’s position at the top of the smartphone market.