iPhone 5 to Be Released With Thinner Display, Says WSJ

Apple is employing new screen technology for its next-generation iPhone that will make it considerably thinner, according to new reports.

A thinner screen will likely yield a thinner device overall.

The Wall Street Journal claims that Sharp, LG, and a new company known as Japan Display are currently developing this new screen technology for Apple. It is known as "in cell" technology and what makes it unique is that is does not separate the touch sensors from the LCD itself. This allows for the display to be thinner.

Normally, touch screens are created using multilayer technology. But "in cell" will eliminate the need for more than one layer by incorporating it all into one. This will make the screen around a half a millimeter less thick. It will also improve the quality of displayed images.

Manufacturers of the new iPhone's job will be much easier since fewer parts will be acquired for assembly. This technology will also cut costs for Apple overall.

News of "in cell" technology first coming to the iPhone surfaced in April of this year. David Hsieh, an analyst from DisplaySearch said the Apple was beginning to work with it and might incorporate it into the next iPhone.

His report also stated that Wintek, a supplier of the Retina Display found in the iPhone 4S, will not be involved in creating the touchscreen for the next-generation model.

The new iPhone is expected to be unveiled by Apple during the fall of this year.

It is also rumored to include a taller, 4-inch display, a redesigned, smaller dock connector, LTE network support, and support for a smaller SIM card standard.