iPhone 5 to Feature an 8-Pin Dock Connector?

Rumors of Apple changing the iPhone's dock connector to 19 pins have been circulating for quite some time, but now it seems that the company might be planning something even smaller.

iLounge, a site that is known for leaking information on Apple products, is now reporting that the next-generation iPhone will feature an 8-pin dock connector.

The editor of the site receiving this news from an inside source who also stated that the dock connector will feature other design innovations including it having the ability to be connected to docks and cables in either orientation. This would benefit Apple customers who already own accessories for the iPhone since they would be able to use them with the new connector.

The site also stated that Apple will most likely pitch the new dock connector as superior to the previous one.

The report spoke about the iPod Nano as well, saying that it will receive a Bluetooth 4 update that will allow it to function like Sony's SmartWatch. This will open up many possibilities for the wrist set including it having the ability to carry out phone calls made through an iPad or Mac.

Apple is expected to release new versions of the iPhone, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch later on this year, and will also unveil its iPad Mini tablet.

Other rumored specifications for the iPhone 5 include, NFC (near-field-communications), a 4-inch HD Retina display, faster processor (possibly A6 chip), and iOS 6.

The new iPod Touch is also expected to have a 4-inch display and have a similar appearance to the new iPhone.

The iPad Mini will feature a 7-inch display and will sell for much less than the third-generation iPad in order to compete with the Google Nexus 7 and next-generation Amazon Kindle Fire.