iPhone 6 Rumors: Device's A7 Processor to Be 31 Percent Faster

The iPhone 6 rumors have been flooding the Internet more and more as the imminent release of the device builds up anticipation.

The latest rumor report reveals that the A7 chip is expected to be used to power the device will be 31 percent faster than the current A6 chip, according to a tweet by Fox News' Clayton Morris.

The sources that revealed this information to him also confirmed that the device will feature a separate chip that will be devoted to motion tracking. This could be the company's answer to Samsung's motion features and eye sensors found on the Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac wrote about Apple testing 64-bit prototypes of the A7 chip that could have potentially been used on the iPhone 5S.

"We've independently heard claims that some of the iPhone 5S internal prototypes include 64-bit processors," read the report. "It's unclear if 64-bit will make the cut, but it's been in testing. We're told that the 64-bit processing will make animations, transparencies, and other iOS 7 graphical effects appear much more smoothly than on existing iOS device."

Semiconductor analyst Linley Gwennap reported last Sept. that Apple was working on a 64-bit ARMv8 solution for a 2014 launch. He also claimed that the logical upgrade for the A7 would be quad-core architecture and continued increases in graphics capabilities.

The next-generation iPhone and low-cost model are expected to be unveiled at an Apple media event set to take place on Sept. 10.

The tentative name for the low-cost device is the iPhone 5C. The most popular rumored name for the next-gen model is the iPhone 5S. However, Apple releasing the iPhone 6 is certainly not out of the question. The new model is also expected to come with a build-in fingerprint sensor.