'Iron Man 3' Footage Excites Fans: Mandarin and Other Villains Revealed?

New footage from "Iron Man 3" shown at Comic-Con has fans all over the world talking about the upcoming film.

San Diego's annual convention of science and fiction fantasy fans revealed that "Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr. still has what it takes for the third installment to the film series.

Tony Stark, also known as the film's title character, tries out new armor in the footage, which also answered some long-awaited questions and cleared up rumors surrounding the film.

First, Ben Kingsley will in fact be portraying the villain Mandarin, as rumor suggested earlier this year. Mandarin was reportedly spotted by locals near the set of the film in Wilmington, N.C. in May.

While no photos were taken, the villain as well as extras dressed in military uniforms and suits were seen, according to WECT TV6 and ComicBook.com.

"Mandarin had a set of twins that did most of his dirty work for him," a source revealed to ComicBook at the time.

Moreover, Stephanie Szostak, known from "Dinner for Schmucks," has joined the cast, but her character has yet to be announced.

Footage at Comic-Con also revealed that Stark's oceanfront mansion gets destroyed by an airborne firing squad, forcing the superhero to start anew.

Another exciting detail about "Iron Man 3" was unveiled in recent reports is that Guy Pearce will portray a villain. Very little else is known about the third installment, and rumors about the plot continue to swirl, building anticipation.

Other rumors surrounding the film's villains include characters Iron Patriot, Coldblood-7, and Firepower.

Also, a detail of the film's setting was revealed via an insider close to the production set in May.

"He had seen vehicles emblazoned with logos for the city of Miami and Miami Police Department being unloaded on one of the sets," reported ComicBook.com.

"Iron Man 3" hits theaters May 3, 2013.