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Is Santa a Republican or Democrat? Here's What Prominent Politicial Minds in Washington Think

Is Santa a Republican or Democrat? Here's What Prominent Politicial Minds in Washington Think

Santa Claus rides on his sleigh down Central Park West in New York November 22, 2012. | (Photo: Reuters/Gary Hershorn)

Although nothing is known about Santa Claus' true political preferences, two Washington Post reporters surveyed prominent politicians, political consultants and lobbyists from both sides of the isle about where they think Santa falls on the political spectrum.

As one might imagine, the results were split between the two major political parties with one respondent saying that he thought Santa is an independent.

Newt Gingrich, the 71-year-old former Republican Speaker of the House and former Representative from Georgia, gave a somewhat predictable answer claiming that Kris Kringle is obviously a Republican.

"Santa Claus is clearly a Republican," Gingrich said. "He actually delivers what he promises. He and the elves believe in hard work. He helps children for free, he doesn't put them deeper in debt. He unites all of us in a love of Christmas. He isn't a divider."

Democratic Media consultant, Paul Begala, said that since Santa and the North Pole are coping with the effects of global warming, Santa is too concerned with climate change to even think of being Republican.

"Santa is definitely a Democrat," Bagala said. "Rather than cater to the wealthiest one percent he rewards people who work hard and play by the rules. And while he's not a participant in the first lady's anti-obesity campaign, he's very concerned about climate change. After all, Rudolph can fly but he can't swim."

Conservative lobbyist, Bruce Mehlman, also stayed true to party lines and quipped that based off of Santa's straight-Caucasian appearance, he is a Republican.

"He's a straight, white, older male running a rural, non-unionized, faith-based small business premised on accountability (naughty/nice list), meritocracy (Rudolph in front) and absence of government intervention. It don't get much more Republican than that!" Mehlman asserted.

Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, stated a few reasons as to why he thinks Santa is a Republican with one of them being that Santa looks like another famous American Republican: America's 19th President, Rutherford B. Hayes.

Priebus also noted that with gifts from Santa, unlike your Obamacare health plan, "if you like your gift, you can actually keep your gift."

Although most of the responses tended to stick to the respondent's party line, in terms of Republicans viewing Santa as a Republican and Democrats viewing Santa as a Democrat, one Democrat reasoned as to why Santa is a Republican.

Obama media consultant Jim Margolis said that because Santa wears so much red and doesn't treat his working elves right, he is a Republican.

"Republican... out of shape, obsessed with red, employees required to work day and night, addicted to coal," Margolis said.

Rep. Steve Israel, D-New York, who is Jewish, was split between both parties. He implied that Santa could be a Republican because he is "so beholden to the coal lobby that he's been known to force it on small children." Israel added that Santa could be a Democrat because "the whole reindeer-powered sleigh thing qualifies him as a pro environmental Democrat."

Democratic Lobbyist Billy Moore provided a detailed explanation as to why Santa is Reagan Democrat.

"I, however, recall the reporting of my fellow Longhorn Berke Breathed back in 1981 that demonstrated Santa's Republican roots when he rejected the demands of PETCO (Professional Elves Toy-Making and Craft Organization) for higher wages, a hot tub in the locker room, and 'short broads,'" Moore explained. "When the elves went on strike, President Reagan fired them all and replaced them with out-of-work air traffic controllers. The resulting riot forced Santa to rehire, but in humiliating new positions such as reindeer.

"Thus, it is undeniable that Santa Claus is a Reagan Democrat," Moore asserted.


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